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Songtext - Another time (06/2004)

Another Time...

Another time, another day goes by,
another dream of hope must die.
I have to say, don’t lease me this way,
and let my heart survive.
Another time, another lonely night
another chance for me to fight,
Now you’re gone and  I have to be strong,
but I keep our love alive… please survive…

1. There was a time, when you were mine,
and I felt like flying.
This feeling inside,
I knew it was right,
but now I’m crying..

Another time….

2. There was a time,
when we’ve walked the same line,
and our hearts were beating together,
You’re for me, and maybe you’ll see,
I love you always and forever…

Another time….

3. There was a time,
when I felt so fine
and I knew you’re heaven sent.
But much to soon, you flew back to the moon,
´cos every dream has an end…

Another time…

It´s not the right time, not the right space,
but maybe I´ll get a second chance,
and as long as I feel love in my heart…
it´s only the time. who takes us apart….

Another time…

Maybe, just another time…


Alle Texte sind selbst verfasst und urheberrechtlich geschützt. Die Nutzung meiner Songtexte ist nicht gestattet!

22.6.13 19:55

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